5 Reasons Why You Must Wear A Watch

1. Watch is an image of a successful person

When you get to buy a watch, that is considered a success already..why? because the watch is a proof that you can afford and have the power to buy something. Even when you are still not as successful as Bill Gates..at least not yet, you have decided that you need and want to wear a watch and that itself is one of the attributes of a successful person.

Have you ever seen a successful person without a watch?

BIG NO! right?

Sooooo….wear a watch now!

It is one of the way to express ourselves to be a positive and dare to dream to be a successful person.

2. Watch will make you look classier

In this era, almost everyone are depending on their phone to tell the time. Can you imagine the situation where a woman ask you “Do you have the time?”

And suddenly you have to get your phone out to tell the time. This is not class or i should say that is absolutely not the way a gentleman should tell the time. Because millennial nowadays did not wear a watch and you should be dare to be different, moving alternate, be a classier person.

Instead, if you wear a watch you just have to lift up your hand and tell the time. That is true class gentleman.

3. Watch shows people you are organized

If you think that time is not as valuable as gold, that clearly shows your life is going down… maybe not now but in five years time.

Because technically we cannot do anything without time and that is why people who wear watch tends to be extraordinary because they valued time differently as compared to ordinary people. With watch they will tell the time, with the time, they organised it as a schedule. When they followed their schedule consistently, soon this will become their habit. You should never underestimate the power of habit.

Because your habit will determine who you are in the future!

BOOM! Wear a watch. Simple.

4. As an expression of ourselves

There are wide ranges of watches and one of it will attract your attention and that will straight away tell your personality to the world. Whether to wear a funky watch that is really standout, that your friends can recognize that it is you…or you can go for a simple & minimal yet elegant but still enough to grab people’s attention.

It’s your life, your watch..and it’s all yours to choose and show the expression!

5. The best and easiest accessories you can get

Personally, watch is definitely my favourite accessories as it’s not only making us look good but it tells us to be good by organizing our life.

It is also the easiest accessories to wear,period! As you wanna go out, pick your watch, wrap it around your wrist and buckle up.

And.. now you are good to go! Looking sharp and stylish than ever.

After all that reasons, you should not have excuses not to wear a watch anymore, especially a Movalt watch that will definitely make you classier than ever. With the positive vibes of the philosophy of moving alternate, Movalt watch can be your source of motivations. Go to our shop to see our collection of watches.